Training Course List

Annual Training Symposium

LEVA’s Annual Training Symposium provides unparalleled opportunities for law enforcement and all government professionals involved with or interested in digital multimedia evidence. The week long training event features multiple concurrent training sessions, limited seating workshops, exhibits from industry leading vendors, and more…not to mention the incredible peer networking opportunities!

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LEVA Level 1

Those collecting evidence need a fundamental understanding of how to recover evidence properly and need to be aware of the issues faced when using digital video in investigations. The course is a mixture of lecture and hands on with many practical exercises with equipment likely to be encountered in the field using tools currently available. Students will obtain the skills and knowledge needed to properly acquire this type of video evidence, glean information from the evidence, and accurately distribute the information obtained.

LEVA Level 2

This course builds on the concepts of the Level 1. There is a significant, specific skill set that investigators need to PROPERLY handle and process the digital multimedia evidence (DME) that gets collected. If the DME is not handled and processed carefully, according to best practices, the video/audio might not be interpreted accurately. This course exposes students to more advanced theory and hands-on techniques that conform to the Best Practices for the Acquisition and Processing of Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME).

LEVA Level 3

The Principles of Video/Image Compare and Contrast” focuses on the science of comparing known objects with CCTV images of questioned objects. The process of cataloguing class characteristics and unique characteristics found in questioned evidence is examined in detail.

LEVA Level 4

This course is primarily hands-on in which students process video evidence, write a report and present it in a moot court. Perfecting the CV is also featured. Class size is limited to 16 students.

Adobe Photoshop for Forensic Video Analysis

Adobe Photoshop has become one of the most-used imaging tools in law enforcement for tasks from printing crime scene photos to latent print enhancement and forensic video analysis. It is important that law enforcement agencies utilize this tool using valid forensic procedures, maintaining the integrity of visual evidence.

Expert Witness Testimony

This three-day seminar is designed for expert witnesses or expert witnesses in training in any field of expertise. Even though this event is being sponsored by LEVA, it is not limited to forensic video analysis.

Forensic Audio Fundamentals: Hear and How

A 5 day hands-on class that will introduce the principles of recorded sound, basic processing techniques, and best practices for working with, and clarifying digital audio.