About LEVA International, Inc.

LEVA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation providing globally recognized training and certification in the science of forensic video analysis. 

Our Mission

Chartered in 1989, LEVA serves as a key resource to the global public safety community by focusing on the needs of digital multimedia evidence disciplines by providing opportunities for professional development through quality training and informational exchange.

LEVA members include those in International, Federal, state and local law enforcement, public safety, prosecutors’ offices and private analysis. Other members are those who wish to promote training and education through the video media, and commercial companies who partner with LEVA in support of its mission.

Our Goals

  •  To bring special attention and focus on the science of forensic video analysis.
  •  To promote a healthy interface between members, sponsors and commercial video entities.
  •  To provide a reliable network and communications channel for our membership.
  •  To expand the educational foundation of members.
  •  To provide access to information to assist members in making informed and educated equipment purchases.

Although LEVA does not endorse any particular manufacturer or company product, our members are very knowledgeable about video equipment and are consulted by their employers and other public safety agencies for recommendations of potential purchases of video equipment.