Ethics and Compliance

Committe Members

Jonathan Hak (Chair)
Kate Woolley, Vancouver Police Department, British Columbia, Canada
Joshua Coller, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts
Jeff Wuite, Edmonton Police Service, Alberta, Canada


The Ethics and Compliance Committee oversees the specific policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and responsibilities designed to:

a. Promote and foster an organizational culture of integrity, ethical decision-making and compliance with the LEVA’s values as reflected in the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

b. Assure that LEVA Directors, Officers, and staff conduct business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The LEVA Board of Directors will ensure the complaint process is followed. Membership of the Committee shall be determined by the Board and shall consist of three (3) members and two ad hoc members who are not members of LEVA management. The ad hoc members would only be involved if a sitting Committee member cannot participate.

The Board shall also appoint a Committee Chairperson. The Board may remove any member from the Committee at any time for cause.

The Committee Chairperson will be the spokesperson and liaison with the Board via the LEVA President.

The Committee shall oversee the review of complaints received from internal and external sources.

The foundation of the complaint process will be created by the Board. The Committee will fully develop the process and submit it to the Board for approval. The Committee must adhere to the approved process and make recommended updates to the LEVA President at any time. The President will forward any recommendations to the Board for discussion and decision.

The Committee can request the Board retain such outside advisors, including legal counsel or other experts, as it deems appropriate.

The Committee shall annually review and reassess the adequacy of this program and recommend any proposed changes to the Board for approval.

Complaint Process (PDF)