Providing Opportunities for Professional Development

LEVA is recognized as the global leader in evidence-based forensic video and digital multimedia evidence processing training. LEVA is the only organization in the world to offer professional training leading to certification in this science.

LEVA has been at the forefront of providing training and professional development opportunities for public safety video professionals and organizations since 1990. Students have represented international law enforcement at all levels, state and district attorney offices and the private sector.

On February 26, 2007, a ribbon-cutting ceremony introduced the first Forensic Video Analysis training lab in the United States.The LEVA Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing Lab at the University of Indianapolis became the nation’s premier site for training law enforcement officers from around the world in high-level forensic video analysis. It was poised to serve as a command center for this type of work when needed during national emergencies or incidents requiring massive amount of video evidence to be processed efficiently and accurately.

On January 1 2017, LEVA closed the UIndy Lab and implemented a mobile solution to deliver training anywhere in the world.

Using the LEVA Mobile Lab, the same high-level of instruction has since been given across North America, in Singapore, Hawaii, England, Sweden, Oman and Africa.

”LEVA focuses on how the right technology can be used to solve cases,” said Jan Garvin, LEVA’s Executive Director. “We stress the value of agencies integrating forensic video analysis into their investigative arsenals.”

LEVA has classes for beginner to advanced users in such areas as:

  • image stabilization
  • frame averaging
  • automatic image tracking
  • time lapse and real-time video analysis
  • image enhancement techniques
  • digital video recovery & analysis
  • legal issues & courtroom testimony
  • photographic / video comparison

Grant Fredericks, a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analyst said, “With an unprecedented growing number of video surveillance systems operating in operation in North America today, video is clearly the most prolific evidence collection resource available to law enforcement. Many agencies now prioritize the video evidence for most serious criminal investigations, including case of police Use of Force.” He continued that with LEVA training combined with the implementation of new forensic video examination technologies, “the process of sifting through hours of surveillance footage will be far less overwhelming for investigators.”