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On October 10, six LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technicians were conferred as Certified Forensic Video Analysts during LEVA's 25th annual training symposium.

New LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analysts From left to right: Brad Barkhurst, Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission; Nicole Ruggiero, Ocean City, MD Police Department; Brewster Rolland-Keith, Rocky Mountain Information Network; Jordan Huslig, Grand Junction, CO Police Department; Jason Latham, DME Forensics and (not pictured) George Reis, Imaging Forensics.



Outgoing President Blaine Davison and LEVA Chairman Alan Salmon



LEVA Board Chairman Alan Salmon (r) congratulates outgoing LEVA President Blaine Davison and recognizes him for his four years of dedicated service while serving on the LEVA Board. Blaine was honored during the banquet concluding LEVA's 25th annual training symposium.


Photos courtesy of Clint Eastop.

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FFmpeg: A Dynamic Forensic Video Workflow
Introduced at the LEVA conference, this 40-hour class has been called by many who attended the introductory session, "A game changer".  A pre-requisite is that applicants must have successfully completed LEVA's Level 1 course.
The application process is now open.  There are a limited number of seats.  Details can be found on the LEVA website at:
Feel free to direct any questions to Jan Garvin, LEVA Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Detective Keith Swanson of the Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department recently completed research on the monetary costs of Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) analysis.  Based on a survey conducted in January of this year, Detective Swanson has written a white paper on his findings and the data he has collected.  The paper examines all costs associated with DME, including but not limited to personnel salaries, costs for optical storage  media (CD's / DVD's), hardware and software solutions, and other costs associated with handling DME from the source to the courtroom.

Detective Swanson has compiled his research in an effort to make leaders in the law enforcement community aware of the skyrocketing costs involved with DME.  He hopes this research will provide agencies with data that will allow them to streamline costs and maximize return on investment in the future. 

Click HERE to view/download a copy of the white paper. 


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In response to numerous requests for video production related courses using the LEVA Lab…an initial series is being introduced in 2015!  A survey revealed the top subject areas that LEVA members were interested in. So LEVA is offering four courses that fill training gaps. More classes will be added as needed.

The classes scheduled for 2015 include:

Adobe After Effects: More Than An Intro: April 27 - May 1

Avid Media Composer: Fear Less!:  June 29 - July 2:

Adobe After Effects: Into the Third Dimension:  July 13 - 17

Adobe After Effects: More Than You Know:  August 24 – 28

For specific about these and the entire LEVA training schedule through 2015, visit, click the TRAINING tab and select Upcoming Training Events.  Please direct any questions to LEVA’s Training VP, Jan Garvin, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The city of Detroit recently enacted a new ordinance that mandates and establishes system standards for DVR based CCTV systems in area gas stations.  This ordinance was adopted after several serious crimes occurred in and around these businesses.  Notably, the highly publicized robbery and assault of a local pastor in 2012.  In April of this year, a motorist was beaten when he stopped to aid a child he had accidentally struck after the child ran in front of his vehicle.

Detroit Police officials report having received some praise and some criticism from the media regarding the adoption of this new ordinance, but intend to provide information that will help alleviate many of the misconceptions surrounding its details.

Special thanks to Detective Ron Gibson of the Detroit Police Department for sharing the details behind this new ordinance. 

Click HERE to download a copy of the ordinance. 

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