With more LEVA training coming to different locations around the world, here are the classes you can register to attend. Access full details of each via our Training menu > Upcoming Training Events.

Forensic Imaging Techniques: Phoenix, Arizona, January 22-25 REGISTRATION DEADLINE JANUARY 18!

Level 1: Kansas City: March 5-9; Nottingham, England: April 9–13; Calgary, Alberta: April 30–May 4; Raleigh, NC: June 18-22

Level 2: Miami, FL: February 26-March 2; Kansas City, MO: May 7-11; Nottingham, England: June 4-8; Raleigh, NC: August 6-10

Level 3: Manchester, England: April 16-20; Nottingham, England: July 30-August 3; Kansas City, MO: September 10-14

Level 4: Manchester, England: July 16-20; Manchester, England: July 23-27; Nottingham, England: September 17-21; Houston, TX: December 3-7 (pending)

Video Evidence for investigators: Phoenix, AZ: March 8-9; Norman, OK: April 2-3; Ontario, CA: April 16-17; Virginia Beach, VA: May 7-8; Naperville, IL: May 31-June 1; Fairfield, OH: June 25-26; Racine, WI: July 24-25; Hyattsville, MD: September 19-20.

Direct any questions to Mr. Jan Garvin, LEVA Executive Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.