In a move to reflect the changing trends in tasks and advancing technology, LEVA has updated its Level 1 and Level 2 courses. These changes officially became effective January 1, 2017. The course titles have not changed.

Since LEVA first introduced forensic video analysis training in 1999, LEVA has always updated various curricula. However with the vastly advancing technology of the day, bold, and appropriate changes were necessary. With these changes LEVA continues to be the premiere source of training for processing digital multimedia evidence. These changes also solidify LEVA Forensic Video Certifications being widely recognized for contributing to a skilled workforce facing the growing volume of digital multimedia evidence.

The new Level 1, “Forensic Video Analysis & the Law” prepares first responders responsible for collecting video evidence with the strong foundation needed for the correct recovery and accurate dissemination of information derived from the recovered video. Level 1 introduces and provides a fundamental understanding of digital multimedia evidence, presents the types of systems likely to be encountered (such as body-worn video), discusses crucial legal issues related to digital multimedia evidence, and focuses on the proper recovery and primary processing of digital multimedia evidence. Level 1 is still the foundation for those aspiring for LEVA's Forensic Video Technician and Forensic Video Analyst Certifications.

The new Level 2 course, “Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing”, builds progressively on the LEVA Level 1 course to expose students to more advanced theory and hands-on techniques that conform to the Best Practices for the Acquisition and Processing of digital multimedia evidence. There is a significant, specific skills set that students will taught for the PROPER handling and processing of digital multimedia evidence after collection. Failure to process digital multimedia evidence carefully, according to best practices can result in inaccurate interpretation and misrepresentation of the video/audio evidence.

With these changes LEVA continues to maintain it's mission to the international legal, law enforcement and government communities by providing the best training of this type, now and into the future.

Direct any questions to Mr. Jan Garvin, LEVA Executive Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..