On Monday, October 27, 2014, LEVA submitted a response on behalf of its members to the National Commission on Forensic Science, which is recommending universal accreditation for all Forensic Science Service Providers (FSSPs).  LEVA believes that universal accreditation will negatively impact access to forensic video services.  In its submission, LEVA encouraged the NCFS to consider certification over accreditation for forensic video analysts.

The following is a statement regarding the NCFS position in support of the National Academy of Sciences’ recommendations to congress.

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Report set forth 13 recommendations for forensic science services providers (FSSPs) to move towards best practices, standardization and improving the quality of services by adopting universal accreditation.   Many FSSPs delivering services in support of criminal, civil, and regulatory cases in the in the United States are not accredited to any national or international standard.  To achieve universal accreditation the Commission recommends that the Attorney General take action to promote and enforce universal accreditation. 

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