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This class is being conducted in at least three different countries during 2018. This course sets the foundation into the world of video forensics / digital multimedia evidence processing and can lead to LEVA certification as a Forensic Video Technician or Analyst.

Direct any questions to Mr. Jan Garvin, LEVA Executive Director,

Nottingham, England: April 9 – 14  ONLY THREE SEATS REMAIN AVAILABLE!

Calgary, Alberta: April 30 – May 4       ONLY TEN SEATS REMAIN AVAILABLE!

Raleigh, North Carolina: June 18 – 22

Details on these courses and all other LEVA 2018 classes can be learned by clicking the TRAINING tab at the top of the LEVA Home page. Select Upcoming Training Events and scroll down among the selections of training opportunities.

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With more LEVA training coming to different locations around the world, here are the classes you can register to attend. Access full details of each via our Training menu > Upcoming Training Events.

Level 1: Nottingham, England: April 9–13; Calgary, Alberta: April 30–May 4; Raleigh, NC: June 18-22

Level 2: Kansas City, MO: May 7-11; Nottingham, England: June 4-8; Raleigh, NC: August 6-10

Level 3: Nottingham, England: July 30-August 3; Kansas City, MO: September 10-14

Level 4: Nottingham, England: September 17-21; Houston, TX: December 3-7 

Video Evidence for investigators: Norman, OK: April 2-3; Ontario, CA: April 16-17; Virginia Beach, VA: May 7-8; Naperville, IL: May 31-June 1; Fairfield, OH: June 25-26; Racine, WI: July 24-25; Hyattsville, MD: September 19-20.

Direct any questions to Mr. Jan Garvin, LEVA Executive Director,

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Roy Dunkelbarger teaching in Tanzania
Keith Swanson teaching in Tanzania
Dave Hallimore teaching in Tanzania


Two successful weeks of LEVA classes occurred in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Audio Forensics was led by Dave Hallimore and assisted by JJ Ruano.

Roy Dunkelbarger and Keith Swanson conducted Forensic Video Analysis training with JJ Ruano as Lab Assistant. 

The training was hosted by the Douzone Forensic Center for the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority.

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The following is provided to assist you in planning to attend the 29th Annual LEVA Digital Multimedia Evidence Training Symposium this November.


November 5-9, 2018


Embassy Suites, 125 E. Houston St., San Antonio, TX 78205 - website link

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Only four seats are open for the Level 4 class, “Advanced Forensic Video Analysis & the Law” this December hosted by the Houston Forensic Science Center.

Houston Skyline

To view details including pre-requisites, click HERE.

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