LEVA provides several levels of membership participation; i.e., PUBLIC SAFETY for those members who are active law enforcement, military, fire, emergency medical, rescue, and other government employees who utilize the video medium in the performance of their duties; ASSOCIATE for persons whose experience, professional or educational credentials, organizational affiliations, or other unique circumstances, makes his/her membership appropriate for the good of the organization; PUBLIC SAFETY ORGANIZATION for any public safety agency or criminal justice entity whose duties fall within the parameters set out under Individual membership; and CORPORATE SPONSOR for any business entity or corporation headed by professionals interested in promoting law enforcement and emergency services through the use of the video technology and application.

Law Enforcement Forensic Video Training

Up to three(3) member representatives are included with the Organizational membership and Corporate Membership. Each LEVA member is provided a membership card, access to the LEVA "Members Only" section of LEVA's web site, the LEVA newsmagazine (the Viewfinder), and a roster of current members.

Corporate Members are provided the complete LEVA Membership List electronically for their use in promoting their products, in addition to the other listed items for LEVA members. LEVA only provides the complete members list to Corporate Members.


  • Training Courses - LEVA is proud to provide the law enforcement and emergency services community with real-world, practical video training that is conducted by seasoned veteran public safety personnel. Course curriculum can be tailored to your specific needs and with 10 or more persons, we will provide intensive, hands-on training at your facility or a location near you. Contact LEVA if you are interested in this type of training. We are ready to meet your training needs, whether it be arson investigation, crime scene coverage, forensic applications, or any production related need.
  • Annual Training Conference - If you like to meet fellow videographers in your profession, or would like to renew previous acquaintances, plan on attending the LEVA Annual Training Conference. Held at a different location each year, you can share information and learn many of the "tricks of the trade." Each conference includes professional training sessions, hands-on instruction, annual membership meeting, scheduled entertainment activities and "free-time." This four day conference concludes with a banquet and presentation of the LEVA Annual Video Awards.As a member, you may have produced and entered a winning video program and may receive one of these coveted awards.
  • Online Member Services - Our Website provides a multitude of peer networking and information sharing services for members, to include members-only forums, video and file sharing, a complete membership list, and more!

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