Center for Children Receives Donation

The important role of up-to-date technology in the successful investigation and prosecution of crimes is a topic that Jordan Huslig is passionate about. Jordan is a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analyst and current Chair of LEVA’s Board of Directors. He works at the Grand Junction Police Department in Colorado.

The Center for Children is a hub of services for Colorado’s Mesa County and surrounding areas that provides interviews, counseling, and intervention to children and families who have experienced abuse.

When Jordan learned that the Center needed help in purchasing new equipment, he designed a fundraising wrist brand and, with support from the department, he had 200 of them produced. While at LEVA’s training symposium in Denver in October, Jordan offered the bracelets to other attendees, in exchange for a donation to raise funds for the Center. His efforts were a success, even prompting Andrew Fredericks of iNPUT-ACE to donate a chance to win a complimentary training course to anyone who chose to donate.

Ultimately, $1000 was raised and presented to the Center.

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