Board of Directors

LEVA Organizational Chart

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Jessica Callinan 
Oceanside Police Department, California (Term ends Dec. 31, 2026)

Ali Murray
Minneapolis Police Dept., Minnesota (Term ends Dec. 31, 2025)

Executive Vice President Keith Mancini
Westchester County Forensic Lab, New York (Term ends Dec. 31, 2024)

Vice Chair
Roy Dunkelbarger
Rocky Mountain Information Network (Term ends Dec. 31, 2024

Christi Noebel
Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Texas (Term ends Dec. 31, 2024)


Executive Director
Jan Garvin

Executive Secretary
Susan Krawczyk

International Strategies Program Manager
John Kennedy

President Emeritus
Ray Dunaway
Fort Worth, Texas Police Department (Retired)

Executive Vice President Emeritus
Dave Bailey Los Angeles Police Department (Retired)

Deputy Executive Director
Troy Lawrence Fort Worth, Texas Police Department (Retired)

eLearning Manager
Amy Hak

Online Facilitator / Mobile Lab Manager
Scott Sullivan
Addison, Illinois Police Department (Retired)

Social Media Manager
Kari Ellis
Riverview, Florida

Committee Members


Jonathan Hak (Chair)

Kate Woolley – Vancouver Police Department, British Columbia, Canada
Joshua Coller – Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts
Jeff Wuite – Edmonton Police Service, Alberta, Canada


Certification Program Manager
Juan Ruano
Pembroke Pines Police Department, Florida

Minerva Tineo (Deputy Chair/Mentoring) – Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, New York NY
Stacey Bailey – Rocky Mountain Information Network, Phoenix AZ
Erik Griffin – Canada
Mark Porter – Tarrant County, Fort Worth, TX
Derek Williams – Canada


Alan Salmon (Chair) –
Norman, Oklahoma

MT Brown – Lawrence PD, Lawrence Kansas
Dean Brown – Lawrence PD, Lawrence Kansas
Jonathan Hak – Canada
Ed Baker – Video Consultants NW LLC, Tacoma, Washington
Tracy Peloquin – Canada